Shipping Services

Shree Sankar Shipping Services Pvt Ltd started in the year 1988 and has come to be recognised as one of the leading service providers in the shipping field from South India. We have an excellent track record in shipping services, which includes stevedoring on various types of cargoes, steamer agency, chartering, clearing and forwarding operations and an effective network of transport logistics. We have handled numerous international cargoes from Asia Pacific, United States and Europe.

A detailed understanding of our activities is mentioned below:

Clearing & Forwarding Operations

Shree Sankar Shipping Services Pvt Ltd is well known for its efficient and dedicated service model in C&F operations. We have handled lakhs of tonnes of cargoes on break bulk and containers both in exports and imports.

Break Bulk Cargoes : We have handled rough granite blocks, feldspar, quartz and China clay in exports and raw cashew nuts, scraps, cement, coal, wheat and rotor blades in imports. We have an outstanding record in one of our cargoes under break bulk rough granite blocks. We are proud to state that our company obtained awards for three consecutive years for handling highest tonnage of rough granite blocks at Tuticorin Port. We also are proud to state that we have handled a highest tonnage volume of 1,91,583 M.Tons of rough granite blocks in the year 1995-96. We were awarded the same for three years consecutively. We maintain separate stock yards for granite blocks, feldspar and quartz and still have excellent stacking and routing facilities to stack rotor blades for windmills.

Containers : Similarly, we have handled various cargoes for export and import of items such as food products, floor ceramic tiles, machineries, project cargoes, cement, iron scraps, raw cashew nuts, polished granite tiles and slabs and waste paper, among others.

Steamer Agents

As steamer agents, we mainly concentrate on three activities:
  • We represent the owners’ vessels at Tuticorin, India. We not only act as owners protecting agents but also take care of booking cargoes for export. We have handled cargoes like granite blocks (45 metric tonnes per block, raw cashew nuts, coal, machineries, wheat and minerals like feldspar and quartz
  • Freight forwarding on various cargoes on export – we represent M/s PDP International (India), who have an excellent network in all parts of the country
  • Chartering vessels for clients cargoes on export – we charter vessels for various lines for feldspar. Some of our main clients are from Italy, Singapore, Bahamas and the Gulf


Our stevedoring activities are mainly to our related agency cargoes like rough granite blocks, raw cashew nuts, feldspar and quartz, among others. We are well equipped with the necessary equipment (such as wire slings, net slings and securing and choking materials) as well as excellent man power.

Transport Logistics

We have an excellent fleet of transport vehicles to receive cargo at the hook point and deliver the same either at the stackyard or to the shipper’s warehouse directly. We do the same for outbound cargo from the stackyard to the vessel for loading. We also maintain heavy-duty cranes and long trailers in the stackyard to handle any type of cargo that is normally routed through.